Thoughts on Self-Categorization

All individuals are evolving, multidimensional beings. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that you will always belong to a single static category.

This includes

Don’t let someone else’s rigid categories define you. Only you can do that.

The more you restrict yourself to a specific method of existence, the more that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and the less likely you’ll be able to change for the better

From personal experience, every time I take the Myers-Briggs personality test I get a different result. Like with everything, my personality of the day depends on my mood and other external factors. Plus now we know that Myers-Brigs has lost scientific merit over time.

Another one is Attachment Styles I’ve qualities of all [three attachment styles](INSERT LINK HERE)

If it brings you comfort then by all means keep your preferred category. If it helps you and your community unite under a common cause, if taking on that category brings you power, if it helps you navigate this scary world, then definitely keep taking it on.

Some noteable exceptions I can think of:

This is just my opinion I have no idea if this is informed by any kind of scientific research.